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NMR is your complete source for a wide assortment of random interviews, articles, and videos of a full spectrum of musical artists from across the world. Just because we are based in the Country Music Capital of the world, we don’t limit our content or our taste in music, we love it all. From homegrown country to backalley rock, from funky punk to smooth rhythm and blues, we will do our best to bring you as many new artists that you can read about and be introduced to for the very first time. Initially, besides sharing some exclusive interviews with our famous friends in the music industry, we are also going to start by showcasing some of the unknown artists who have garnered exposure using TikTok to promote themselves. We feel like there are a large number of great talents out there that we want to talk to and share.

I grew up watching a television show in Canada called “The New Music” which was hosted for a long while by a long haired hippy rocker kid named JD Roberts. Not only did that kid go on to become highly respected news reporter John Roberts, but he also introduced me to a whole range of eclectic musical acts which shaped my taste in music and opened my mind to a wide range of sights and sounds. I remember watching and being introduced to the music of The Clash, The Plasmatics, The Ramones, Rough Trade, Billy Bragg, and a whole host of artists that I never would have head of if it wasn’t for that show. I hope I can do the same for some other young people around the world by providing a platform to promote and spread the word about artists you would otherwise never discover.

If you are an artist or an agent and want to discuss being featured here, get in touch by the contact page. We are approachable and aim to have fun while creating original content as true music lovers who have the same strange and random questions that real fans have, not the type of questions that a record label restricts and promotes. If you have a prepackaged promotional interview of boring questions that just plain suck, we aren’t the place for you. We only want creative content and interesting exclusive interviews that nobody else is producing.

We welcome your message if you would like to be featured here, we are working through the submissions as we receive them and will get in touch via email.