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The Bad Hats | “I Remember”

The Bad Hats | “I Remember”

Jerrett Franklin
The Bad Hats

“I Remember,” starts out with some killer instrumentals that instantly get you hooked on the song. This intro is very compelling. Once you get through the intro, you are greeted by some killer vocals from the front man. He has a wonderful, comforting tone to his voice. His range is very impressive. The instrumentals and vocals go really well together in this song. The great thing about this type of music is that it tells a story that you want to keep listening to, over and over. Judging by this song, The Bad Hats would put on a great show here in Nashville. So, if you get the opportunity, definitely check them out. All in all, this is a catchy song. The vocals are off the charts and the instrumentals are very strong. This is one that I will be putting on repeat.

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